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  1. Apr 29, 2003RedHat: zlib buffer overflow vulernability
    Apr 25, 2003RedHat: micq denial of service vulnerability
    Apr 8, 2003RedHat: mgetty buffer overflow vulnerability
    Apr 2, 2003RedHat: kerberos mutliple vulnerabilities
    Feb 13, 2003RedHat: pam_xauth information leak vulnerability
    Feb 6, 2003RedHat: windowmaker buffer overflow vulnerability
    Feb 4, 2003RedHat: kernel 2.4 ehternet vulnerability
    Oct 11, 2002RedHat: SquirrelMail XSS vulnerabilities
    Jun 27, 2002RedHat: ‘mailman’ XSS Vulnerability
    Mar 11, 2002RedHat: ‘zlib’ Denial of service
    Feb 21, 2002Debian: ‘gnujsp’ Unauthorized file access
    Oct 16, 2001RedHat: ‘util-linux’ Elevated privileges vulnerability
    Sep 26, 2001Red Hat: ‘setserial’ initscript temporary file vulnerability
    Apr 19, 2001Red Hat: FTP ‘iptables’ vulnerability
    Nov 20, 2000Debian: ‘tcpdump’ vulnerability
    Nov 20, 2000Debian: ‘modutils’ vulnerability
    Nov 10, 2000Debian: ‘tcsh’ update
    Nov 10, 2000Debian: ‘gnupg’ update
    Oct 23, 2000Redhat: ‘curl’ update
    Oct 14, 2000Debian: ‘php3’ Format string vulnerability
    Sep 12, 2000Debian: ‘libpam-smb’ vulnerability
    Sep 4, 2000Debian 2.1: glibc vulnerabilities
    Sep 4, 2000Debian: ‘screen’ vulnerability
    Jul 26, 2000RedHat: gpm vulnerability
    Jun 15, 2000RedHat 6.2: Kerberos 5 vulnerability
    Apr 12, 2000RedHat: gpm privilege problem
    Jan 10, 2000RH6.1: New version of usermode fixes security bug
    Dec 7, 1999RH6.0: amd (RHSA-1999:032-01)