Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5.1 (Hosting Suite) is now available for downloads and installation through Autoinstaller.

Change log:
1. [+] Support for new hypervizor virtualization solutions: the Panel operates in environments created with KVM and Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal.
Unix-specific changelog
2. [+] SpamAssassin 3.3.1 support for Fedora 11.
3. [-] Backup task starts even if there is not enough disk space on the server bug is fixed. For details, see the Backup and Restore Utilities Administrator’s Guide available at
4. [-] Backup scheduled to run weekly did not work bug is fixed.
5. [-] Scheduled backups are not created in FTP repository if the repository server works in FTP passive mode bug is fixed.
6. [-] Removing backup located in FTP repository failed with “FTP network error” bug is fixed.
7. [-] When setting up FTP backup repository, defining username like “” is impossible bug is fixed.
8. [-] The Panel resets permissions on folders inside the httpdocs and httpsdocs directories to “755” during migration bug is fixed.
9. [-] Migration hanging at 50% bug is fixed.
10. [-] User password was changed event handler is added.
11. [+] SpamAssassin 3.3.1 support – now the Panel distribution includes the latest version of the SpamAssassin anti-spam solution.
12. [-] The Panel claims that backing up failed when it actually succeeded, if a language other than English (United States) is installed bug is fixed.
13. [-] The A resource record in DNS zone of a domain with physical hosting always points at the IP address on which the domain is hosted, even if an IP address is explicitly set in DNS zone template bug is fixed.
14. [-] After upgrade to Plesk 9, domain templates with Web statistics set to be available via password-protected directory are not restored bug is fixed.
15. [-] Plesk 9 does not restore backup of domain that originates from Plesk 8 if the domain administrator permissions were modified bug is fixed.