[+] Added possibility to hide advertisement in Plesk Panel. More details in article How to hide promos in Parallels Plesk Panel?

The following bugs have been fixed:
[-] (Windows only) Backups fails on dumping tomcat for sites
[-] (Linux only) Cannot change php safe_mode status via panel if FastCGI mode is used
[-] Domain alias zone is synced with main domain, even if DNS zone sync is disabled
[-] Domain disk space statistics is not displayed if amount exceeds 2Gb on 32-bit systems
[-] (Windows only) Hosting settings cannot be changed if FrontPage is enabled on a domain
[-] Migration from FreeBSD fails because of ‘df’ illegal option
[-] Backup files rotation o FTP repository fails in some cases.
[-] Listing of files in backup FTP repository fails in some cases.
[-] (Windows only) There is able to override system user home path at creating new additional FTP account