Creating a Database in cPanel has a couple of steps to it.  After creating the database, you will also need to create a user and then add that user to the database.  The last 2 steps are commonly missed. Remember if you want cPanel to recognize the database, you will need to create it from cPanel. If you create the database from command line, it will still work, however cPanel will know nothing about it.

First you will need to:

  1. Login to the sites cPanel
  2. Go to MYSQL databases.

Now that you are her you can do all three steps on 1 pages.

  1. Create the database
  2. Create the User and Password

Now you will need to add them together at the bottom

  1. Choose the correct database and user and click Add
  2. You will now be given a chance to grant the privileges to the user for that specific database.

Once you have added the permissions, and saved it, you should be all set to plug those credentials into your site. To confirm that everything is correct you can look at the main MYSQL databases page to look at the list of databases. If you have a user with the database, then everything was setup properly.

You can alter the privileges by clicking on the user name in the Database list. If you go to the bottom you will see the user list. If you click on the user here, it will prompt you to change the users password. If you don’t have the correct old password, I have found it best and fastest to remove the user, then re-add it with the new password.