The following new functionality has been added:
[+] SmarterMail 10.6 support. Note there are Known Issues and Limitation for SmarterMail 10.6 support. Please check KB article

The following bug has been fixed:
[-] Cannot install license key for Plesk Panel working in Parallels Server Bare Metal (121855)
[-] Web Presence Builder: site cannot be published with error "Not registered key blogsny2pp87a73 in context"
[-] Plesk resets subdomain forwarding after syncing subscription with hosting plan (117199)
[-] Error "column "fileSharingUser" is not in the row" occurs if record absent in fileSharingUsers table (106712)
[-] (Windows only) Migration manager holds on long data in MS SQL database dump (109603)
[-] (Windows only) MS SQL databases can’t be migrated to 11.0.9 MU #11 if DumpMsSqlToScript = false in registry (123056)
[-] Wrong resource calculation blocks subdomains creation if oversell is switched off. (108238)
[-] Domain’s FTP users does not backuped if Perl 5.10.x. installed on server (122467)