The following features were added:
[+]Administrators can restore backups from the command line and retrieve the status of the restoration process.

On Linux:

plesk bin pleskrestore --restore .... -async

On Windows:

"%plesk_dir%inpleskrestore.exe" --restore .... -async

-async Restore a backup asynchronously. Works with “–restore” only. This will return the task ID to stdout.

Use –get-restore-task-status to check the task status:

On Linux:

plesk bin pleskrestore --get-restore-task-status &lt;task-id&gt;<br><br>&lt;task-status task-id="9516"&gt;<br>&lt;mixed status=""&gt;<br>&lt;restore status=""&gt;<br>&lt;conflict-resolve task-id="2147483640"&gt;<br>&lt;finished status="success"&gt;<br>&lt;execution-result status="success"/&gt;<br>&lt;/finished&gt;<br>&lt;/conflict-resolve&gt;<br>&lt;deploy task-id="9570"&gt;<br>&lt;working&gt;<br>&lt;deploy total-domains="1" total-accounts="0" completed-domains="0" completed-accounts="0"&gt;<br>&lt;current-object type="domain"&gt;&lt;![CDATA[<br>]]&gt;&lt;/current-object&gt;<br>&lt;/deploy&gt;<br>&lt;/working&gt;<br>&lt;/deploy&gt;<br>&lt;/restore&gt;<br>&lt;/mixed&gt;<br>&lt;/task-status&gt;

pleskrestore –get-restore-task-status exit codes:

Code Description
200 Restore in progress
201 Restore is failed (any task has error status)
202 Restore is finished with warnings (any task has warnings status)
203 Restore is finished with infos
204 Restore is successfully finished

[+] Roundcube webmail was updated to version 0.9.5.

The following issues were resolved:

[-] Domain backups did not work if web server configuration files contained German umlaut characters. (PPPM-867)
[-] Users were unable to log in to Plesk because of issues with the apskeyhandler.exe process.
[-] Administrators received duplicate subscription expiration notices. (PPPM-1002)
[-] Server restart could take about 10-20 minutes due to recreation of web server configuration files for all sites. (PPPM-896)