The following issues have been fixed:

[-] Administrators were unable connect to remote MySQL servers if their passwords contained the ampersand (“&”) symbol. (141662)
[-] Panel failed to back up subscriptions with additional vhost/ssl/nginx settings with XML-unescaped symbols (141708)
[-] (Linux only) Panel did not concatenate chained certificates bundles provided by Geotrust to the main certificate in the nginx configuration. (113865)
[-] Customers could not use the controls on the “File Sharing” tab if they set the preferred domain with the “www” prefix.
[-] (Linux only) Customers could not access the “File Sharing” tab after Panel was upgraded to version 11.5 if for the administrator was not 1. (141589)
[-] File sharing did not work for domains with international domain names.
[-] (Linux only) PhpMyAdmin failed to export databases with the error “502 Bad Gateway” (141734)
[-] (Linux only) Some upgrade scripts failed if the for administrator was not 1. (141589)