The following features have been added:

[+] Support for SmarterMail 11.6
[+] MailEnable was upgraded to version 7.53

The following issues have been fixed:

[-] Security improvements.
Important: Regular updates of Parallels Plesk Panel and third-party components guarantee that your server stays secure against malicious attacks

[-] (Linux only) Panel sent notifications about installed updates even if the updates were not installed. (142630)
[-] (Linux only) Panel used wrong IP address of Point-to-Point network interface. (141410, 143114)
[-] Horde stored mail attachments on the file system for 6 months instead of attaching them to emails. Horde feature “Link attachments” was switched off. (143316)
[-] (Windows only) Panel showed warnings while backing up domains with Punycode. (142611)
[-] (Linux only) Panel did not send the “Subscription expiration warning” notifications. (142823)
[-] (Linux only) Panel hung while backing up a domain had a lot of files without the reading permission for the domain owner’s system user. (142456)
[-] (Windows only) Panel did not back up server settings if the Panel database was stored in MSSQL (142694)

Additionally, Parallels Presence Builder was upgraded to version 11.5.7. In this version, the following issues were fixed:
[-] Google maps were not shown on published websites.
[-] The Design tab of the editor did not open if the user’s city name contained the “é” symbol.
[-] If providers customized the URL to the Getting Started video by editing Presence Builder’s configuration file, users could no longer embed videos by using the Embedded Video module.
[-] Links to website pages could lead to nonexistent pages on the published site.
[-] The backing up and restoration of websites did not work properly if websites contained an Image Slider module.