Added and improved functionality:
[+] (Linux) Horde was upgraded to version 5.1.4.
[+] A utility for collecting server and product information was added. Refer to the following KB articles for more information: and
Resolved issues:
[-] (Linux) PHP handlers were incorrectly registered with Panel after upgrade to Panel 11.5.30. (142237, 142259)
[-] (Linux) Auto-replies did not work. (142479)
[-] (Windows) After upgrading Plesk from version 11.0.9 to 11.5 on Windows Server 2012, Horde and Web Presence Builder stopped working. (142287)
[-] (Linux) The system monitoring module (Watchdog) failed to start after installation. (142464)
[-] The resource overuse policy set for customer accounts was incorrectly displayed in Hosting Panel > Account tab.