The following new features have been implemented:

[+] Moving of services between Apache and MySQL service nodes (126520)
[+] DNS template management. Administrators can customize the structure of the DNS template (126593)
[+] Spam filter settings management. Administrators can manage the settings of SpamAssassin spam filter (126593)
[+] Application settings management. Administrators can manage the settings of applications (126593)
[+] When tasks, such as creating user accounts, may take much time to complete, administrators are now informed about it and are advised to check with Task Manager (126614)
[+] Administrators can now remove additional license keys through License Manager (106929)

The following bugs have been fixed:

[-] Administrators could not remove customer accounts. The following error occurred: “Internal error: HTTP request to SSO server failed” (126308)
[-] PPA could not automatically upgrade license keys for Plesk for Windows (128324)
[-] Auto-reply messages could not be shown by mail clients due to incorrectly specified MIME type (128144)
[-] Corrupted firewall rules prevented administrators from attaching service nodes to the management node (128333)
[-] PPA did not properly terminate user sessions after users logged out of Panel (128069)
[-] On attempting to connect SmarterMail nodes, administrators encountered the following error: “Unknown hosting object type: ‘subscription_apsmail’:” (127802)
[-] Statistics collection scripts could not properly determine the usage of mailboxes on SmarterMail nodes (128173)
[-] Administrators could not allocate dedicated IP addresses for web hosting inside Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (126452)
[-] A daily maintenance task was started twice a day (128204)
[-] Apache could not pick up custom configurations from the vhost.conf files (128216)