The following new functionality have been added:

[+] CentOS 6.4 support has been addded. There is know issue with switching between mail servers:

[+] RedHat 6.4 support has been addded.
[+] SmarterMail 11 support has been added. Important note: SmarterMail 11.x no longer offers a Lite Edition. Check for SmarterMail 11.x release notes here.
The following bugs have been fixed:
[-] MS SQL database can’t be restored from backup.
[-] sw-cp-server fails after visiting “Registrars” or “Payment gateways” pages in Plesk Customer & Business Manager  (131827)
[-] Customer & Business Manager is looping during task processing (127668)
[-] Activation of subscriptions in Customer & Business Manager after auto-suspension doesn’t work
[-] Cannot add subscription from Plesk to Customer & Business Manager if plan has zero price (112550)
[-] Store-services.php recursively generates sw-engine-cgi processes when wrong “Default online store URL” value is configured by branding (130964)