The following new functionality has been added:
[+] Open SuSE 12.2 suport has been added
[+] SmarterMail 10 Antivirus support has been added. Please check additional info in KB article
[+] MailEnable has been updated to version 6.70
[+] (Windows only) PHP 5.3 has been updated to version 5.3.19

The following bug has been fixed:
[*] (Linux only) Ability to choose custom protocol when adding DNS record of "SRV" type (28701)
[-] (Windows only) There is unable to add "SRV" DNS record if  "Priority of service" and "Weight of service" are not equal (28701)
[-] There is unable to migrate mail account with password which contains space of quote characters (23661)
[-] Cron jobs are not run on Ubuntu installed inside Parallels Virtuozzo Container