The following features have been improved:

[*] Now changes in service plans can be synchronized with subscriptions that use them.
[*] Now providers can change service plans for existing subscriptions.

The following bugs have been fixed:

[-] APS mail packages are now upgraded without errors.

[-] On subscriptions with mail services provided by SmarterMail, users encountered an error on attempting to switch off mailboxes with mail forwarding.
[-] After deleting an MS SQL service node, it remained in the list of database servers in Panel.
[-] Users could create wildcard PTR resource records, which made the DNS server unable to start.
[-] Statistics calculation failed if administrator’s name contained non-Latin alphabet characters.
[-] On subscriptions with mail service provided by SmarterMail, users could not create an additional domain if the main domain of a subscription had a domain alias with switched on mail service.
[-] Users could see a nonworking link to MS SQL Server Webadmin in the Hosting Panel. Now links to Webadmin are no longer shown.
[-] Domains created directly in SmarterMail were deleted when subscriptions with the same domain names were created in PPA.

[-] After removal of service nodes, users could encounter the following error in the Hosting Panel: “Unable to find service node for IP address with id=<id>”.
[-] On deleting an auto-reply with empty “forward to” setting, an error message similar to the following was recorded in the log file panel.log: “Exception: Error: Unable to receive setting ‘forward_to’: there is no such setting specified in ENV”.
[-] Users were unable to complete the installation of updates if they had previously interrupted the installation process.
[-] After installation of update 10, MS SQL Server databases were no longer manageable on subscriptions if a SmarterMail node was the first Windows-based node registered in PPA.
[-] Providers were unable to remove expired license keys from PPA.
[-] Assimilation of servers running Plesk for Windows failed because of stalled tasks named similarly to the following: “Install additional packages on node <node> according to role PPA_IIS”.