The following new functionality has been added:
[+] Added support languages "de-DE", "es-ES", "fr-FR", "it-IT", "ja-JP", "nl-NL", "ru-RU", "zh-CN", "zh-TW" in PPA. The guide describing how to change the UI language is available here (121866)
[+] Tool to install/update PPA migrator in one click is available here (119682)
[+] Added tool to change admin password through CLI. The utility will be located /usr/local/ppa/bin/admin_passwd after applying updates.
[+] Added new video tutorials "How to Sign Up New Resellers", "How to Rebrand Hosting Panel for Reselling Services".

The following bugs have been fixed:
[-] Fixed installation issue described in KB article.
[-] Fixed installation issue if hostname contains the host’s IP address (122969)
[-] Fixed issue with migration MySQL databases during transfer accounts from Plesk 11.0
[*] Updated PPA guide lines.