[+] Support for Microsoft Windows 2012. Now Windows-based service nodes can be deployed on Microsoft Windows 2012.
[+] Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Now users can deploy database servers with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 by means of a newly added service node role.
[+] Mail service on branded domains. Now users can set up mail accounts and use other mail services under their branded domains.
[*] The diagnostics of Parallels Plesk Automation installation issues on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers were improved.
[-] Users could not install PPA if a node’s host name did not resolve to the “communication IP address” specified in the first installation step.
[-] PPA installation and upgrade failed if the installer was executed from an SSH session with a locale other than en-US.
[-] Users could not upgrade to PPA 11.5 on CentOS 5. They encountered the following error: “[ERROR]: Failed to download file: http://autoinstall.plesk.com//PPA_11.5.0/Plesk/Autoinstaller_latest/CentOS-5-x86_64: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 400: Bad Request.”
[-] Users failed to upgrade to PPA 11.5 if a PPA mirror repository was reconfigured and a wrong IP address was used.
[-] Users on CentOS 5 could not upgrade to PPA 11.5 if there were 4 GB of RAM on the server.
[-] Users on CentOS 6 failed to upgrade to PPA 11.5 because of stalled task “Service state changed”.
[-] Users failed to upgrade BIND on service nodes with CentOS 6 and RHEL 6.
[-] Upgrade from PPA 11.1 to 11.5 failed if the system host name of a service nodes was set to localhost.localdomain.
[-] The upgrade utility did not check if there was enough free disk space before starting an upgrade.
[-] Administrators failed to add Linux-based service nodes if logging in under the user root was disabled, and sudo login was enabled for another user.
[-] Users could not add PostgreSQL service nodes if the database server administrator’s password contained special characters.
[-] Users could not add Windows-based service nodes with Adobe ColdFusion.
[-] Users could not properly deactivate resource records in the DNS zones of their domains. After switching off those domains, the previously deactivated records became active again.
[-] Users could not set up branded domains.
[-] Users could not properly rebrand the Panel logo.
[-] Branded domains were suspended because of disk space overuse. This happened because the logs of branded domains were not rotated.
[-] WHMCS could not provision subscriptions for domain names containing hyphens.
[-] On removal of customer accounts from WHMCS, an error message was recorded in log files.
[-] Users could not remove a customer account from WHMCS if the customer’s subscription was not provisioned to PPA and the order was flagged as fraudulent.
[-] Additional Apache directives specified by users (in Hosting Panel > Websites tab > Web Server Settings) were not applied.
[-] Users were unable to receive notifications related to scheduled tasks from crontab.
[-] After renaming the main FTP account user, users were unable to edit files in File Manager if there was an additional FTP account.
[-] Users could not open the Presence Builder editor from the Hosting Panel.
[-] Users could see two Mail tabs in the Hosting Panel.
[-] Users could not schedule tasks in the Hosting Panel.
[-] NAT IP address was shown in the Hosting Panel.
[-] After changing resource limits or settings in a service template, users could not apply the changes to existing subscriptions.
[-] After restarting a management node, the node’s IP address was removed from the network interface.

Parallels Presence Builder 11.5.11

[-] The Search module was redesigned to address the issue with the deprecated Google API.
[-] To resolve issues in the Text & Images module and to better support Internet Explorer 11, the TinyMCE component was upgraded to version 3.5.10.
[-] Users of mobile devices could experience issues with viewing the contents of Online Store modules on published websites.
[-] Images uploaded to the Image Slider module were shown in the wrong order.
[-] The layout of a webpage could be disrupted if the Text & Images module contained lengthy text.

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing 11.5.2

[-] An error occurred on the Renew Order Confirmation screen after attempting to reorder the columns.
[-] Special symbols in the Purchase Scenario title could prevent users from editing service plan publication settings.
[-] Parallels Plesk Automation Billing could not be installed on CentOS 6.5.
[-] Upgrades of Parallels Plesk Automation Billing failed if the database password was not set.