The following improvements have been made:

[*] Security improvements.
[*] (Windows) PHP version was updated to 5.4.30 and 5.5.14.
[*] PHPMyAdmin was updated to version 4.2.5.

The following issues have been resolved:

[-] (Windows) Users encountered errors during migration from Plesk 8.6 installations that used an external MS SQL database server. (PPPM-1772)
[-] (Windows) Users whose service plan did not allow creating MySQL databases, could not create Microsoft SQL Server databases. (PPPM-1759)
[-] (Windows) Users could not fully restore or migrate data if they contained files larger than 4 gigabytes. (PPPM-1753)
[-] (Linux) Users could not back up data on 32-bit OpenSUSE 13.1 Linux installations. (PPP-10701)
[-] (Linux) Users could not back up data to FTP repositories on 64-bit OpenSUSE 13.1 Linux installations. (PPP-10692)
[-] (Linux) During migration from Plesk 11.0 to Plesk 12, mailing list administrators received notifications about the creation of a mailing list. (PPPM-1691)
[-] After editing WordPress configuration file and specifying an incorrect WordPress version number in it, users could no longer manage WordPress installations. (PPPM-1752)
[-] In some cases, administrators could not remove databases from Tools & Settings > Database Servers > Local MySQL Server > Databases. (PPP-10659)
[-] (Linux) Plesk was inaccessible after it was installed by means of Parallels Installer with the option –install-everything. (PPPM-1749)
[-] Outgoing mail control showed incorrect information about exceeded mail limits. (PPPM-1747)
[-] After migration from Plesk 9.5 to Plesk 11.5, if the transition scheme “convert customers to resellers” was used, domains could be associated with a reseller’s customer instead of the newly converted reseller. (PPPM-1675)
[-] If resources were overused by a Plesk customer, numerous mail notifications were sent to the customer’s reseller and the server administrator. (PPPM-1489)