Backups are very important to a website. If something should happen to the server, whether it be a hardware failure or breech of security, it is always good to have a copy or 2 to revert to.

Backups can be setup 2 ways. The host can make backups, download backups and restore backups from within WHM and the end user can do it right from their cPanel account.

Configure automatic backups in WHM:

  1. Type “Backup” in the find box
  2. Just below that, click “Configure Backup”


This will bring you to a screen with a lot of options. It is important to pay attention to each option so that you get what you need in your backups. You can backup the whole account, just the database or just the users home directory.

There are many options available to choose from to fit your needs. At the bottom you can use ftp to transfer the backups to an off site server. Also at the bottom you can exclude certain accounts that you don’t need backed up. You can also set up the backups to be compressed or not compressed. compressed backups save space but non compressed backups don’t take as long to complete leaving more resources for the sites.

Backups In cPanel:

  1. Type “Backup” in the find box
  2. Click on “Backup Wizard”
  3. You will see backup and restore buttons click “backup”
  4. Now choose a Full backup or one of the partial backup options
  5. Choose the home directory for the file location
  6. Add your e-mail address to receive confirmation upon completion
  7. Click “Generate Backup”


Now all you have to do is click “Go back” and you will see where the backup link is at the top. By clicking this link it will download the backup to your home/office computer.

Restoring in cPanel is just as easy.

  1. Type “Backup” in the find box
  2. Click on “Backup Wizard”
  3. You will see backup and restore buttons click “restore”
  4. Then choose the type of backup you would like to do, Home directory, Database. or email.
  5. Then browse you home/office computer for backups you have saved
  6. Click “upload”


The files that you have requested have now been restored.

Below you will find some videos and links to help explain configuring backups.