The following bugs have been fixed:

[-] Subscriptions that included mail services were not properly removed from PPA.
[-] PPA removed the main license key when a license key for a service node was terminated by the Parallels licensing system.
[-] Administrators failed to add service nodes because PPA incorrectly selected an IP address for communications between the management node and service nodes.
[-] Administrators failed to back up customer accounts that had Windows-based hosting subscriptions.
[-] The ppa_mssql package was installed successfully, but the database server was not available for use.
[-] Administrators failed to correctly transfer subscriptions with web forwarding configurations from Plesk for Windows. They encountered the following errors in the console: “Error: Failed to work around IIS dedicated application pools problem. Exception: (‘Failed to %s IIS dedicated application pool, see debug log for more details’, ‘enable’)”
[-] Administrators could not transfer customer accounts from Plesk to PPA if the accounts were associated with a single e-mail address. The following error message was shown in the console: ” There are a number of accounts that are associated with the same e-mail. Change e-mails for the conflicting accounts.”
[-] Administrators failed to move subscription between nodes in case the subscription’s domain had the standard forwarding type. PPA raised an error like “Exception message: Command /usr/local/psa/bin/sw-engine-pleskrun with arguments …”.
[-] When transferring a domain alias with the switched off mail service to PPA, the PPA moving tools erroneously registered the alias on the SmarterMail service node.
[-] The PPA moving tools added the content of the default site template to all transferred subdomains. Thus, after the transfer, subdomain’s root directory contained not only its source content but the content of the PPA site template as well. This happened only when perfroming the transfer from Expand based on Plesk 8.
[-] The PPA moving tools failed to transfer subscriptions that belonged to resellers’ customers.
[-] In some cases, the www DNS records were not transferred to PPA from source Plesk Panel servers.
[-] The ppa-transfer tool failed to transfer subscriptions to PPA in case they were associated with the same system user. The tool raised an error like ” [ERROR] |copy-content| Failed to perform an action on subscription…”.
[-] The PPA moving tools failed to transfer domains to PPA in case that domains had IPv6 addresses only.